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Introduce yourself to the community

Go here to introduce yourself to us and the other members - tell us a little about who you are, your expectations for this membership, where you're located and anything else you'd like to share. No need to be nervous - we're a friendly bunch and it just helps us get to know you better. 

On any page in the forum, click your name in the upper right corner and choose "Profile" to upload a background photo and a profile photo and to add your social media links.

Where you could start...

  • Visit this Overview of the Protocol with info about the nationality, the new boats, the calendar and...  a clear explanation of how to win the 36th America's Cup.
  • In the News & Opinion pages you'll find important background info as well as the latest news about the America's Cup and other important sailing competitions.
  • Read full articles from Seahorse magazine from top sailors and designers.
  • ​Got a question or a comment about any of the News items or Seahorse articles? Jump into the forums and join the conversation!
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Have a look at the AC Guide

The what-when-where-who information about the 36th America's Cup is in the AC Guide. And...   this info changes!

  • When does the America's Cup World Series start?
  • Have any new challengers entered?
  • How have the Racing Rules (America's Cup Edition) been changed to work with the AC75 foiling monohulls?
  • What skullduggery is afoot?

Check in to the AC Guide regularly for updates.